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homebabeAntwerp creator, Linda Missoorten ‘s  Key Cy label is invoked in to the world  as the solution for active and fashion conscious women ,who for many utility moments often do not find the proper gear. Key Cy meets various needs such as comfort and security combined with luxurious fabrics and just that little bit of glamor and glitter that makes each of us  want to have a Key Cy in her wardrobe !
What does a woman do when she comes home after work, dressed in a suit and “deux pièces” and she has to start her household duties or even has a visit from her best friend? A quick visit to the grocery to pick up some food, walking the dog, putting the kids in the bath , …. We all know these moments but what shall we wear  ?
The first thing that comes to mind is something else to wear, something nice comfortable, but still pretty and feminine and which looks slightly glamour. This was the starting point of Linda Missoorten when she thought about the Key Cy concept: no loose jogging, not unattractive homewear, but “Comfy Glam Wear”! The key words that go with Key Cy are soft, sexy, relaxed, affordable luxury and comfortable track suits. To be dressed up while going relaxed through life! Feel good at the top during a late beach walk , on the way to the sportsclub or the bakery on Sunday morning.
Key Cy is the perfect “tracksuit”, a two-piece set consisting of a pair of trousers and a top with long sleeves and zipper, made ​​of extremely soft and luxurious velvet cotton.
The collection is very timeless but follows the trends in fashion in terms of colors and quirky prints and accessories that makes every Key Cy slightly different and personal.
Key Cy is 100% Belgian design and produced in Turkey. The finish of each Key Cy is done with much care and attention to every detail. Evidence for this includes the pendant of the zipper in the form of a key, the carefully chosen motifs rhinestone (rhinestone), pearls, embroidery and glitter prints, lurex … it does not always have to be “ bling “ but the designs are all recognizable as a Key Cy.



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